Double Major Programs

Announcement on Double Major and Minor Applications

The Department of Economics offers double major programs with the Departments of History, Management, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations, Psychology and Sociology. Economics students who satisfy the relevant requirements can apply to enroll in these programs. Students accepted for these programs receive a separate diploma for their second major upon successful completion of its requirements.

Each year the Department of Economics accepts up to five students from the departments in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and up to ten students from the departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to its respective double major programs. General information on double major programs at Boğaziçi University can be found in the Bylaws on Boğaziçi University Double Major Programs (in Turkish).

Application requirements are below and the curriculum for each double major program can be reached using the tabs at the bottom of the page. For the Psychology program please click the link in the first paragraph.

Double major advisor: Güzin Gülsün Akın


For Students Registered in the Department of Economics: 

All double major students are subject to the minimum requirements put forth by the Undergraduate Education Double Major Program Internal Regulations as follows: 

"Undergraduate students can apply to the Double Major Program in the beginning of their third, fourth, or fifth term, if they have achieved a minimum of 3.00 GPA and satisfactorily passed their courses. Individual departments can set a higher GPA requirement or introduce quota restrictions. Applications are made to both departments simultaneously." 

As the regulation implies, application deadlines and requirements may differ across departments. For instance, the department of Mathematics requires all Economics majors applying to the Economics-Mathematics Double Major Program to have a minimum GPA of 3.30 in all MATH courses. Thus, applicants are advised to contact the relevant departments directly for information on application procedures.

When applying for a double major with another department, Economics students must submit a petition (the form for which can be obtained from the Departmental Secreteriat or by clicking here) and a transcript to the Economics department. These documents need not be handed in in person. The documents to be submitted to the other department can vary; students should contact the other department directly for details. Economics students applying to other departments for a double major have to obey any deadlines set by these departments. The Department of Economics does not have a time constraint for Economics students applying to other departments for double major. 

While 137 credits are required for graduation for Economics majors, the credit requirements for various Double Major Programs vary as can be seen in the relevant curricula.

For Students Registered in Other Departments: 

The Department of Economics admits a maximum of fifteen students to its double major programs every year; five are selected from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and ten are from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Applications are subject to the minimum conditions delineated in the Undergraduate Education Double Major Internal Regulations as cited above. 

The deadline for double major applications is 16 January 2020, 17:00.


Students must apply to the Department of Economics and also to their own departments with a formal petition (the form for which can be obtained from the Departmental Secreteriat or by clicking here) and an official transcript. The Department of Economics does not require any other documents. The documents do not need to be handed in person. Spring applications must include transcripts with the previous fall semester's grades. Students who have taken summer term classes must apply with transcripts which include these grades for Fall semester applications.