General rules

Study Abroad Program Application Requirements:

Application requirements to the exchange program are listed inthe Office of International Relations website (, andare as follows:

• A minimum 2.50/4.00 GPA at the time of application.

• Undergraduate students must have completed two semesters atBoğaziçi University at the time of application.

• Students cannot study abroad during their last semester atBoğaziçi University.

Application Procedure:

• All applications are monitored by the Office of InternationalRelations online.

• In order to complete the requirements towards a degree inEconomics in the regular timeline of four years, the most appropriate time to participate in the study abroad program is the Spring semester of the Junior(third) year. Thus, students are advised to submit their applications to theOffice of International Relations in the fall term of their Sophomore (second)year.

• Those students that participate in an exchange program in theFall semester of the Senior (fourth) year, in order to evade a possibleextension of their studies beyond the regular four years, has to find in thehosting institution all the required courses of that semester (and have themapproved in advance).

• Students will list their preferred university, faculty, anddepartment partnerships in the form submitted to the Office of InternationalRelations.

• Given the selection system, it is in the best interest of theprospective exchange student to reveal his/her preferences over the availableprograms as accurately as possible.

Courses That Can Be Taken During the StudyAbroad Program:

• For a course taken during the study abroad program to count towards a required course for a BA in Economics (e.g. Econometrics, Macroeconomics) it has to be approved by the relevant departmental committee prior to the signing of the Learning Agreement and enrollment. Unless they have irregular standing, students are allowed only to take the required courses of the semester that they leave for the exchange program.

• In order for a course to count as an area elective, the student must not have already taken a course with similar content, the course must have an EC code, and be worth at least 3 credits (5 or 6 ECTS credits). Students also need to obtain the department's exchange coordinator consent to transfer area elective courses. Upon their return to the program, the students should not take courses with similar content.

• Based on a Senate decision, the student must get at least a CC for the course to be transferred.

• Any passing letter grade obtained by the student abroad is converted to Pass (P) in the transcript of the student.

• The study abroad program of the Department of Economics does not have a minimum course requirement. However, a minimum of 30 ECTS credits may be required under Erasmus.

• The student should keep a copy of all the important communications (e.g., communications that contain a course approval).