Things to Do After Being Selected:

• Given the departmental rules, check which courses you maytake at the partner institution. If you are attending an ERASMUS PROGRAM, youwill need to obtain a "Learning Agreement" document which should besigned by yourself, your departmental Erasmus Coordinator and the Universityand their counterparts in the partner institution about your courseselections.

• Students can change the courses they will enroll in at theuniversity where they are registered. However, these changes must be specifiedin the Learning Agreement and faxed to the Boğaziçi University Office ofInternational Relations by the Erasmus Office of the university in question.The Office of International Relations will then fax the updated LearningAgreement back with the consent of the student's Erasmus advisor.

• Before they leave, students must submit their Letter ofAcceptance mailed from the university abroad, and file a petition for leaveof absence to the Department Secretary. Tuition and registration fees must bepaid to Boğaziçi University during the registration period. Information onleave of absence and registration can be followed up under the "StudentInformation" section of the registration website later in the term.

• Students will need to contact their professors in advance andrequest early exams in cases where the semester for the university they willattend during the study abroad program begins in January and overlaps with thefinal week at Boğaziçi University.

Students Returning From the Study AbroadProgram:

• Students must submit an original transcript that shows the courses taken and grades earned during the study abroad program together with their Boğaziçi University transcripts, and file a petition to the Department to have these counted. The Faculty Administrative Committee will discuss the petition once both the Academic Advisor and the Exchange Program Advisor of the student in question give their consent.

• Grades for transferred courses are recorded as Pass/Fail.

• The process of transferring courses is followed by the Registrar.

• Courses taken abroad count towards total credits only if they are transferred. Therefore students are advised to transfer their courses as quickly as possible within the semester of their arrival, as soon as the official transcript arrives. Following up on this is a responsibility of the student.