Fikret ADAMAN, Professor

Ph.D. University of Manchester

Research Areas Comparative Schools of Economic Thought, Development, Methodology of Economics, Political Economy, Environmental Economics

Güzin Gülsün AKIN, Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Areas Credit card markets, financial literacy, corruption, privatization

Orhan AYGÜN, Dr.

Ph.D. Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

Research Areas Microeconomics, Market Design, Matching Theory, Game Theory

Malik ÇÜRÜK, Dr.

Ph.D. Tilburg University

Research Areas International Trade, Economic Growth, Environmental Economics, Economic History

Ceyhun ELGİN, Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Research Areas Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Public Economics, Political Economics

Burçay ERUS, Associate Professor

Ph.D. Northwestern University

Research Areas Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Health Economics

Refik ERZAN, Professor

Ph.D. University of Stockholm

Research Areas International Economics, International Trade and Development, European Integration

Mehmet Yiğit GÜRDAL, Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Research Areas Experimental Economics, Microeconomics

Ozan HATİPOĞLU, Associate Professor

Ph.D. New York University

Research Areas Applied Macroeconomics, Political Economy of Growth and Development, Inequality and Technological Progress, State Space Models in Monetary Policy and Finance.

Kamil Kıvanç KARAMAN, Dr. (Vice Chair)

Ph.D. Stanford University

Research Areas Political Economy, Institutional Economics, Economic History

Murat G. KIRDAR, Professor (Vice Chair)

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Research Areas Labor and Demographic Economics, Development Economics

Murat KOYUNCU, Associate Professor (on leave)

Ph.D. University of Washington

Research Areas Growth Theory, Macroeconomics, Income Distribution, Development Economics

Tolga Umut KUZUBAŞ, Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Research Areas Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Financial Economics

Ayşe MUMCU, Professor

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Research Areas Game Theory, Matching Theory, Bargaining, Firm Theory

Şemsa ÖZAR, Professor

Ph.D. Wirtschaftsuniversitaet-Wien

Research Areas Development Economics, Economics of Gender, Feminist Economics, Globalization

Gökhan ÖZERTAN, Professor (Chair)

Ph.D. Texas A&M University

Research Areas Agricultural Economics, Applied Econometrics, Commodity Price Movements, Intellectual Property Rights, Environmental Economics, Technology use in agriculture

Begüm ÖZKAYNAK, Professor

Ph.D. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Research Areas Sustainable Development, Environmental and Ecological Economics, Political Ecology, Urban Sustainability, Environmental Conflicts, Environmental Policy and Governance,

Şevket PAMUK, Professor (Adjunct)

Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley

Research Areas Economic History

Burak SALTOĞLU, Professor

Ph.D. University of Essex

Research Areas Financial Time Series, Banking Regulation and Financial Crises

Orhan TORUL, Dr.

Ph.D. University of Maryland

Research Areas Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Public Economics, Economic Inequality, Applied Econometrics

Levent YILDIRAN, Associate Professor

Ph.D. Université de Toulouse-I

Research Areas Microeconomics of Banking, Corporate Finance, Banking and Financial Crises, Banking Regulations, Competition and Regulation in Financial Markets, Credit Card Markets,

Murat YILMAZ, Dr. (on leave)

Ph.D. Boston University

Research Areas Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics, Auctions

Emekcan YÜCEL, Dr.

Ph.D. University of Maryland

Research Areas Political Economy, Public Choice, Economic Inequality, Macroeconomics

E. Ünal ZENGİNOBUZ, Professor

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Research Areas Microeconomic Theory, Public Economics, Industrial Economics (Competition Policy, Regulation, Independent Regulatory Agencies), Environmental Economics