Internal Transfer via Central Placement Score

Information on internal transfer via central placement score can be reached at the Universty’s website (TR):

These applications are processed by the relevant units of the University, and the admisision decisions are made by the University Executive Committee. The Transfer Committe of the Department of Economics determines the transferable courses of the admitted candidates.


Internal Transfer

Every academic year, the quotas and the application requirements for the internal transfer is announced at the University’s website:


Applications are made to the Registrar’s Office at the announced dates. Applicants must have satisfied all the application requirements. For the minimum application requirements, visit the website above



Only the applications of the candidates who satisfy the requirements below will be evaluated.


i)              Minimum GPA: The applicant must meet the minimum GPA requirement announced. For 2019-2020 academic year Fall term, the minimum GPA requirement is 3.00/4.00.


ii)             Economics course requirement: The applicant must have taken at least one economics course per semester (s)he has studied and passed them with a grade at least CC. Two of these courses must be EC 101 and EC 102.

iii)             Mathematics course requirement: The applicant must have taken two calculus courses MATH 101 and MATH 102 and passed them with a grade at least CC. These courses may be taken (if offered) at Boğaziçi Universtiy Summer School ( The applicant’s file will be evaluated only if (s)he passes these courses with grades at least CC.


iv)            Minimum placement score: Applicant must submit the score card of the exam that has been used in her/his placement to the undergraduate program that (s)he is currently enrolled. YGS-LYS/ TYT-AYT or SAT or YÖS scores can be documented. If the applicant is placed by YGS-LYS/ TYT-AYT, the official score card showing the number of correct and incorrect answers in Mathematics and Turkish tests must be submitted. An offical copy of this document can be obtained from ÖSYM or the Registrar’s Office. If the applicant is placed by SAT or YÖS, the official score card must be submitted.



The Adjsuted Placement Score (APS) is calculated according to the formula given below for the applicants who satisfy the minimum GPA, Economics and Mathematics requirements. Only applicants who have the score of at least 2.5 are considered for evaluation.


Calculating the Adjusted Placement Score (APS):


YKS (applicants placed in 2018 onwards)

APS = [[(TYT Temel Matematik Doğru Sayısı + AYT Matematik Doğru Sayısı) - 0.25 *  (TYT Temel Matematik Yanlış Sayısı + AYT Matematik Yanlış Sayısı)] / 80 ] * 3.5 + [( TYT Türkçe Doğru Sayısı - 0.25*TYT Türkçe Yanlış Sayısı)/40]*0.5  ≥ 2.5


ÖSS (applicants palced in 2011-2017)

APS = [[(YGS Temel Matematik Doğru Sayısı +LYS1 (Matematik + Geometri) DoğruSayısı) - 0.25*(YGS Temel Matematik Yanlış Sayısı + LYS1 (Matematik + Geometri)Yanlış Sayısı)]/120]*3.5 +[(YGSTürkçe Doğru Sayısı - 0.25*YGS Türkçe Yanlış Sayısı)/40]*0.5  ≥ 2.5

SAT  (applicants placed by SAT scores)

The candidate must have received a minimum score of 35.5 out of 40 in the “Math” test and a total score of 65 out of 80 in the “Math” and “Reading” tests of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). In calculating APS, a score of 35.5 is mapped to a 2.5 on a 4-point scale, while a score of 40 is mapped to a score of 4. In calculating the Weighted Transfer Score (see below) only the Math score is used.

YÖS (applicants placed by YÖS scores)

YÖS scores are normalized such that the minimum YÖS score determined by the Boğaziçi University Economics Department in the year the applicant is placed to her/his current program is taken to be equivalent to a score of 2.5.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum APS score will not be considered for admission.



The admission criterion for the external transfer is the weighted transfer score (WTS). The WTS is calculated for the applicants who satisfy all of the above requirements.  The WTS is the weighted average of the applicant’s APS and transfer point average (TPA). The Transfer Committee of the Department of Economics determines the transferable courses. Transfer Point Average (TPA) is the weighted average of transferable course grades where each course grade is weighted according to the course credit number. TPA must meet the minimum requirement announced at the application announcement. For 2019-2020 academic year Fall term, the minimum TPA requirement is 3.00/4.00. The applicants who fail to meet the minimum TNO requirement are not considered for admission.


Calculating the Weighted Transfer Score


WTS= %75 APS+ %25 TPA

Applicants satisfying the admission requirements are ranked according to their WTS’s and those up to the announced quota is admitted to the program.


The admission decisions are announced at the University’s Announcement website.