Internal Transfer Information

The Economics Department accepts at most 8 (eight) students per year via internal transfer (i.e. a transfer from another department at Boğaziçi University to the Economics Department). Transfer applications are to be made in the Fall semester; no applications will be accepted in the Spring semester. No interviews of applicants will be conducted; students’ high schools and current departments will not be used as criteria for evaluation. Among candidates who satisfy acceptance requirements, those with the 8 highest weighted transfer scores will be eligible to receive acceptance to our program. The transfer committee may choose not to fill all eight positions should they feel candidates are not sufficiently qualified. Results will be announced at the beginning of September by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Students who apply to transfer to our department must satisfy the minimum requirements detailed in the link above. Applications which fail to satisfy any one of these requirements will not be considered.

Ayşe Mumcu (NB 202)
Internal Transfer Advisor