The following papers are published as part of Boğaziçi University Institute of Social Sciences working paper series. Please click the working paper numbers to download the papers.

EC 2018-04
Ege Aksu, Refik Erzan, and Murat Güray Kırdar "The Impact of Mass Migration of Syrians on the Turkish Labor Market"
EC 2018-03
Erzan R. "Customs Union between EU and Turkey: A Success Story to be Nurtured"
EC 2018-02
Akhan N., Dönmez A., Erzan R., Kuzubaş T.U. "Exchange Rates and Export Behavior: Firm-level Evidence from Turkey"
EC 2018-01
Hatipoglu O. and Akyuz A. "Donor-oriented foreign aid, trade and growth"