FALL 2005

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the Paper
10/10/2005 Jeanine Braithwaite World Bank “Assessing and Combating Poverty in Turkey”
25/11/2005 Mehmet Barlo Sabanci University “Incentives under Collusion in a Two-Agent Hidden-Action Model of a Financial Enterprize”
2/12/2005 Murat Usman Koc University “Strategic Debt in Bilateral Relations with Non-Verifiable Cash Flow and Renegotiation”
9/12/2005 Begum Özkaynak Bogazici University “Operationalising Strong Sustainability: Definitions, Methodologies and Outcomes”
16/12/2005 Jan Eeckhout University of Pennsylvania “Competitive Bargaining Equilibrium” (with J. Davila)
30/12/2005 Burçay Erus Bogazici University “Objective Functions and Compensation Structures in Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizations: Evidence from the Mixed Hospital Industry” (with Burton Weisbrod)



Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the Paper
26/2/2005 Pierre Richard Agenor Manchester University “Disinflation, Fiscal Sustainability, and Labor Market Adjustment in Turkey” (joint with H. T. Jensen, M. Verghis and E. Yeldan)
3/3/2005 Aslı Leblebicioğlu Boston College “Financial Integration, Credit Market Imperfections and Consumption Smoothing”
4/3/2005 Semih Koray Bilkent University “Two-Person Public Good Games: Do rational players always end up with a 'Prisoners' Dilemma?” (joint with Murat R. Sertel)
11/3/2005 İlke Onur University of Texas at Austin “Preemption and Delay in E-Bay Auctions” (joint w.ith Ken Hendricks and Tom Wiseman)
18/3/2005 Ünal Zenginobuz Boğaziçi University “Tiebout Equilibria in Local Public Good Economies with Spillovers” (joint with Francis Bloch)
25/3/2005 Mehmet Nail Eriş University of Wisconsin “Population Heterogeneity and Growth”
1/4/2005 Utku Ünver Koç University “Course Bidding at Business Schools” (joint w. T. Sönmez)
4/4/2005 Ahmet Faruk Aysan University of Maryland “The Shadowing Role of Redistributive Institutions in the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Redistribution”
13/4/2005 Thomas Bernauer Swiss Federal Institute of Technology “Political Determinants of Environmental Quality” (joint w. V. Koubi)
19/4/2005 Güzin Arıkan University of Illinios, Urbana Champaign “Fiscal Decentralization: A Remedy for Corruption”
22/4/2005 Sumru Altuğ Koç University “Productivity and Growth for Turkey, 1923-2003”
6/5/2005 James Burnham Duquesne University, Pittsburgh and Fulbright Scholar at BU Center for Economics and Econometrics “Economic Growth, Total Factor Productivity and Telecommunications”
13/5/2005 Özgür Kıbrıs Sabancı University “Bargaining with Nonanoynomous Disagreement” (joint w. İ. Gürsel)
27/5/2005 Borağan Aruoba University of Maryland “Money and Capital” (joint w. C. Waller and R. Wright)
23/6/2005 Okan Yılankaya University of British Columbia “Optimal Auctions with Participation Costs” (joint with G. Çelik)


 FALL 2004

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the Paper
8/10/2004 Mich Tvede University of Copenhagen “Dynamics in Overlapping Generations Economies”
15/10/2004 Naci Mocan University of Colarado at Denver "What Determines Corruption? International Evidence from Micro Data”
22/10/2004 Mehmet Baç Sabancı University “Beneficial Collusion in Corruption Control: The Case of Nonmonetary Penalties”
19/11/2004 Ayşe Mumcu Boğaziçi University “Competition Between Private and Nonprivate generators on Looped Electricity Network”
26/11/2004 Emanuele Gerratana Koç University “Labor Markets with On the Job Search and Wage posting: Equilibrium Wage and Welfare Implications”
3/12/2004 Kamil Yılmaz Koç University “Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Spillovers: Identifying Linkages through Product-based Measures”
10/12/2004 Herve Cres HEC Paris and Koc University “The Drèze and Grossman-Hart Criteria for Production in Incomplete Markets: Voting Foundations and Compared Political Stability”