Fall 2012

Friday, 3:00-4:30 pm*
Department of Economics Faculty Lounge, Natuk Birkan Building*

Organizers: Ceyhun Elgin & Deniz Selman

DateSpeakerAffiliationTitle of the Paper
Dec 14, 2012Özgür OrhangaziKadir Has University"THEORIES OF CAPITALIST INSTABILITY Real and financial components of accumulation" Abstract
Dec 7, 2012Özgün Ekici Ozyegin University"An Equilibrium Analysis of the Probabilistic Serial Mechanism" Abstract
Nov 30, 2012Şirin SaraçoğluMiddle East Technical University"Internal Migration, Structural Change, and Economic Growth" Abstract
*- joint with Mehmet Ekmekci Abstract
Nov 16, 2012Zümrüt İmamoğluBahçeşehir University"International Price Dispersion and Pricing-to-Market when Rivals' Costs are Unknown"Abstract
Nov 9, 2012Hakkı YazıcıSabancı University"Optimal Taxation of Bequests and Inter-Vivos Transfers." Abstract
Nov 2, 2012Mehmet BarloSabancı University"Entropic Selection of Nash Equilibrium" Abstract
Nov 1, 2012Juergen von HagenUniversity of Bonn"Financial Development, International Capital flows, and Aggregate Output" Abstract
Oct  19, 2012Jörg SchläpferKOF Swiss Economic Institute at ETH Zurich"How Nobel Laureates Would Perform in the Handelsblatt Ranking"
Oct  12, 2012Friedrich SchneiderJohannes Kepler University"The Shadow Economy and Work in the Shadow: What do we (not) know?"
Sep 28, 2012Murat KırdarMiddle East Technical University"Quasi-Experimental Impact Estimates of Immigrant Labor Supply Shocks: The Role of Treatment and Comparison Group Matching and Relative Skill Composition"
May 24, 2012 Stephen TurnovskyUniversity of Washington"Income Inequality, Mobility, and the Accumulation of Capital: The Role of Heterogeneous Labor Productivity"  (Distinguished Lecturer Series)  Abstract

May 18, 2012

Levent ÜlküITAM"Non-monotone Mechanism Design"  Abstract
April 30, 2012Nejat AnbarcıDeakin University "Directed search, coordination failure and seller profits: an experimental comparison of posted pricing with single and multiple prices"  (joint with CED)  Abstract
April 13, 2012Giorgio BellettiniUniversita di Bologna"Knowing the right person in the right place: political connections and resistance to change" Abstract
April 6, 2012Ayça ÖzdoğanTOBB"Team Beats Cullusion" Abstract
March 23, 2012Larbi AlaouiUniversitat Pompeu Fabra "Level-k Reasoning and Incentives: An Experiment"  (joint with CED) Abstract
March 19, 2012Şebnem Kalemli-ÖzcanKoç University, Harvard University, NBER and CEPR"Sovereigns, Upstream Capital Flows, and Global Imbalances" Abstract
March 16, 2012Timothy GuinnaneYale University"The legal form of business enterprise: France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, 1860-1930" Abstract
March 2, 2012Mehmet UluUniversity of Chicago"Heterogeneity and Uncertainty in the Dynamics of Firm Selection into Foreign Markets"
February 27, 2012Cavit PakelUniversity of Oxford"Bias Reduction under Dependence, in a Nonlinear and Dynamic Panel Setting: The Case of GARCH Panels"
February 24, 2012Banu DemirUniversity of Oxford"Trading Tasks and Quality"
February 20, 2012Melis KartalNew York University"Welfare Comparison of Proportional Representation and Majoritarian Rule with Endogenous Turnout"
February 17, 2012Cemal Eren ArbatlıBrown University"Quest for Political Survival: Can External Threats Save the Day?"
February 16, 2012Nuh Aygün DalkıranMEDS, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University"Common Knowledge and Equilibria Switching"

* Unless otherwise noted