Spring 2014

Friday, 3:00-4:30 pm*
Department of Economics Murat Sertel Lounge, Natuk Birkan Building*

Organizers: Ceyhun Elgin & Deniz Selman

DateSpeakerAffiliationTitle of the Paper
Jun. 27, 2014  Boğaziçi University Ulusal Eğitim Ekonomisi Çalıştay'ı (National workshop on economics of education, joint with CEE)
Jun. 27, 2014 Luís C. NunesNova School of Business and Economics, INOVA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa"A Difference-in-Differences Approach to Measure the Impact on Willingness-to-Pay due to Protest Attitudes" (joint with CED)
Jun. 23, 2014Mark R. KillingsworthRutgers University"The Effect of Childhood Religious Instruction on Educational Attainment and Adult Earnings"
Jun. 21, 2014  Boğaziçi University International Econometrics Conference (joint with CEE)
May 21, 2014Richard PayneCASS Business School, City University, London"High Frequency Trading and its Future" (joint with ECONFIN)
May 12, 2014Nizar AllouchQueen Mary, University of London"The cost of segregation in social networks" (joint with CED)
May 08, 2014Zafer ToprakBoğaziçi UniversityTürkiye'de İktisat Biliminin Tarihsel Gelişimi ve İktisat Politikaları
Apr. 11, 2014Thanasis StengosUniversity of Guelph"Testing in Nonlinear Time-Series Models"
Apr. 10, 2014David KotzUniversity of Massachusetts"A Conversation on the Trajectories of Global Capitalism: Accumulation and Financialization"
Apr. 04, 2014Emel MemişAnkara University"Time deficits and poverty in Turkey: A new perspective"
Mar. 28, 2014Samuel BowlesUniversita Degli Studi Di Siena"Cultural-Institutional Persistence under Autarchy, International Trade, and Factor Mobility"
Mar. 27, 2014Jacob GoereeUniversity of Zürich"Noisy Introspection in the 11-20 Game"
Mar. 11, 2014Steven PincusYale University"WARS AND STATE-MAKING RECONSIDERED: THE RISE OF THE INTERVENTIONIST STATE" (joint work with James Robinson-Harvard University)
Feb. 13, 2014Emre AylarUniversity of Washington"Tests for a Broken Trend with Stationary or Integrated Shocks"
Feb. 10, 2014Orhan AygünBoston College"College Admission with Multidimensional Reserves: The Brazilian Affirmative Action Case"
Feb. 07, 2014Ata Can BertayTilburg University"The Transmission of Real Estate Shocks through Multinational Banks"
Feb. 05, 2014Cihan ArtunçYale University"Legal Pluralism, Contracts and Trade in the Ottoman Empire"
Jan. 31, 2014Ezgi KayaUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona"Heterogeneous Couples, Household Interactions and Labor Supply Elasticities of Married Women"
Jan. 29, 2014Murat KırdarMiddle East Technical University"Does Longer Compulsory Education Equalize Schooling by Gender and Rural/Urban Residence?"