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20.12.2017 02:48:00 Your final exam will be held on December 25, Monday at 1 pm in NB 119. The final exam will be cumulative (although with a quite large weight on topics covered after the second midterm, i.e. optimization) and you are responsible until the end of Chapter 11 in the textbook.
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25.11.2017 06:21:00 Your second midterm exam will be held on November 27, Monday at 5 pm in IB 102. You are responsible for the topics covered in class after midterm 1, starting from Chapter 6 in the textbook.
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20.10.2017 01:56:00 Your first midterm exam will be held on October 24, Tuesday at 5 pm in NH 405. Midterm topics are functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, linear algebra. You are responsible until the end of Chapter 5 in the textbook.
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